Built-In Microwave Oven, Grill & Convection Oven VM451


  • Touch control
  • Interior light
  • Interior lateral light
  • LED timer and clock
  • Grill rating: 1100W
  • Convection heater rating: 2500W
  • 5 microwave power levels: 900W max
  • Microwave function
  • Grill function
  • Microwave/grill function
  • Convection oven function
  • Microwave/convection oven function
  • Grill/convection function
  • Combination cooking function
  • Manual defrost
  • Auto defrost
  • Quick start
  • Auto cook: 10 auto cook programmes
  • Acoustic end of programme signal
  • Maximum temp convention programme: 220°
  • Safety key lock
  • Left hand hinged door
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The VM451 is a built- in microwave, grill and convection oven all in one, making this a highly functional and stylish piece of kitchen equipment. The VM451 has many features some of which include: auto/manual defrost, an LED timer, quick start, 5 power levels, acoustic end signal, safety key lock and a stainless steel interior. The VM451 also has 10 auto cook programmes and is touch control.

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Stainless Steel

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